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Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

"With 15 years experience, as both a defense attorney [having worked for international insurance companies] as well as defense firms, and also the plaintiff's side, and the last nine years as a mediator in-between, we have the view and the vision to handle cases from all sides. And that's really what you need in a mediator, someone who can understand both the plaintiff's position, as well as the defense attorney's position, the adjuster's position, and really anybody coming to the table. ... I take my experience, having worked and sat on all three sides of that mediation table, to assist you with your mediation."

-- Alyson Laderman, attorney & Florida Supreme Court certified circuit & county court mediator

Fighting on principle will cost you principal. So for those times a mediator is needed — be it by court order or attorney / client suggestion — turn to a mediator with both plaintiff and defense litigation experience. Contact 16-year attorney Alyson Laderman, who uses her nine (9) years of mediation experience to help bring closure for you and your clients.

Email Laderman at:
Or call Alyson at (407) 308-2019.

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