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About The Nature Channel and TNC Photography

We moved to our home in 2017, and although we were greeted by six wild turkeys the first day we saw the house, we were pleasantly surprised by all the active wildlife we have come to enjoy in our own backyard, affectionately called The Nature Channel.

We are blessed to enjoy lots of nature and wildlife at our home, complete with animal visitors, on an almost daily basis. We started sharing videos of the animal visitors with our friends, teasingly calling it "The Nature Channel." Over time it stuck and our friends looked forward to the animal adventures. The Nature Channel is our way to share our enjoyment of nature and wildlife with others -- without having to leave our yard. 

We are visited by coyotes, fox, black bears, butterflies, hummingbirds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, possum, armadillos, and many different types of birds. You never know who or what will come by to visit The Nature Channel.

The Nature Channel is "your backyard look at Florida's nature and wildlife."


Be sure to check back often on our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages for the latest videos of animal visitors. 

Located in Wekiva Springs, Seminole County, Florida on a nature preservation. 

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